Cell Proliferation Group

Our research is concentrated on research areas related to the control of cell proliferation and cell death. In one research area, we are studying the role of the polyamines in cell cycle control and apoptosis. In another research area we are using this information to investigate how cancer cells are affected by polyamine depletion with the aim of supporting the use of compounds that deplete the polyamine pools in cancer treatment. We are mainly concentrating on breast cancer and neuroblastoma and search for molecular markers for sensitivity.

Another part of our research is aimed at understanding how food components can contribute to the prevention of cancer by affecting cell proliferation and cell death.


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The cell to the left in the image above shows an electrophoretic separation of the DNA from a single cultured Chinese hamster ovary cell treated with etoposide, a chemotherapeutic agent. The method used is called single cell gel electrophoresis. To the right you see a summary of polyamine metabolism and functions.

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