Stina Oredsson, professor

I was born 1954 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. My father worked at Svenska Tändsticksbolaget AB (Swedish match factory) in the good years when they only made matches. By way of Burma where my father also worked a few years at a Swedish match factory I ended up in the city of Jönköping where my great interest for biology started.

When I came to Lund in 1976, I only wanted to study biology with no specific goal. I was just fascinated by cells and here I still am working with fascinating questions of cell biology. More specifically I am now concentrating on understanding the difference between normal cells and cancer cells and how cancer cells can selectively be killed in cancer treatment. As experimental systems we use human cell lines derived from normal tissue and from different kinds of cancers such as breast, prostate, pancreas and neuroblastoma. We treat the cell lines with new potential chemotherapeutic drugs and investigate effects on e.g. cell proliferation, cell death, cancer stem cells and then relate sensitivity to the molecular level investigating proteins in signal transduction pathways. Cooperation with researchers at chemical, physical and medical departments is very important for my research where we are testing new compounds for cancer treatment. I am involved in teaching concerning the use of cells in culture in biological and toxicological contexts. I was appointed Docent at Lund University in 1989, and Professor of Zoophysiology in 2000.

I am married to Sven and we have four children (Jakob, born 1985; Hanna, born 1987; Joel, born 1990, Simon, born 1997). To get energy for the demanding academic work, I run, cross country ski and bike. Singing in a choire is important for relaxation.

PhD students

Helena Cirenajwis

Tânia Magalhães

Selected publications

Cirenajwis, H, Smiljanic, S, Honeth, G, Hegardt, C, Marton, LJ, and Oredsson, SM Reduction of the putative CD44+CD24- breast cancer stem cell population by targeting the polyamine metabolic pathway with PG11047. Anti-Cancer Drugs 21:897-906, 2010.

Söderstjerna, E, Holst, CM, Alm, K, and Oredsson, SM Apoptosis induced by the potential chemotherapeutic drug N1,N11-diethylnorspermine in a neuroblastoma cell line. Anti-Cancer Drugs21:917-926, 2010.

Freiburghaus, C, Welinder, C, Tjörnstad, U, Lindmark-Månsson, H, Paulsson, M, and Oredsson, S Identification of ubiquitin in bovine milk and its growth inhibitory effects on human cancer cell lines. J Dairy Sci 93:3442-3452, 2010.

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