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Cecilia Hultin, PhD student

A wide range of pharmaceutically active compounds (PACs) are not completely eliminated during sewage treatment and are consequently released into aquatic environment. Presently, we can only speculate about possible pharmaceutical targets in aquatic animals. My research will address this issue - I am quantifying the gene transcription of hormonal receptors and enzymes in aquatic organisms exposed to PACs. One of my current research projects focuses on identifying, characterising and measuring the expression of hormonal receptors in freshwater snails during long-term exposure to PACs.

I received a Master of Science in Molecular Biology from Lund University in 2010. My Master’s degree project in toxicology at UMAS in Malmö focused on how the growth of cancer cells can be inhibited by low concentrations of arsenic. My current PhD studies in Environmental Science allow me to combine my knowledge in molecular biology and my passion for the environment. I enjoy teaching and sharing my enthusiasm for toxicology. I am teaching undergraduate students during experimental sessions, seminars and project work.

I belong to the Pharmaceuticals In the Environment (PIE) network and the research School in Pharmaceutical Sciences (FLÄK).

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Cecilia Hultin
PhD student
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC)



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