Our memebers are involved in several graduate and post-graduate courses at Lund University and within the Geneco Research School.

If you are a student and interested in our research, there is one course in particular which is closely connected to the questions we address and the techniques we apply:

Molecular Ecology and Evolution

Advanced course, 15 credits. Course code BIOR25.

Molecular DNA techniques are now instrumental in a wide range of applications from conservation biology to evolutionary ecology. Course participants will learn how to use such methods in the lab and in computer based analyses, and to read scientific papers using molecular techniques. This is a practically oriented course providing the basics for DNA analyses in any kind of free living organism.

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PhD courses within Geneco Research School

For PhD students some courses relevant for our research, and offered through Geneco, are:

  • Introduction to Molecular Ecology and Evolution
  • Understanding Population Genetics
  • AFLP for Population Genetics
  • Evolutionary Causes and Consequences of Disease
  • Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics
  • Conservation Genetics in a Changing World

More information at the Geneco Research School homepage.


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