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Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab

New Bachelor students: Kalle and Johan
Hi, our names are Kalle Tunström and Johan Ljung, during the next weeks we will be doing our bachelor’s project here in the MEEL group under the supervision of Bengt Hansson. We both love evolutionary biology and working with genetics to solve ecological questions. Our project will focus on avian malaria in Rock firefinches, a bird endemic to Nigeria and … Continue reading

Lab meeting protocol ? 10th of April 2014
There is an open slot for lab presentation in two weeks, sign up! Next week there will be no lab meeting because it is Easter. There is a citizen science workshop April 24. Lab updates: The -80 degree freezer is now fixed and has returned. The qPCR machine is also fixed.

New master student: Alejandra Toledo
My name is Alejandra Toledo and I will carry out my master thesis in the MEEL, supervised by Caroline Isaksson. Previously I collaborated with researchers from the National Museum of Natural Science (MNCN-CSIC) and Complutense University of Madrid in Spain. Although I am interested in the ecology of birds in general, my research interest mainly focuses on Evolutionary Ecology and … Continue reading

Lab meeting protocol ? 3rd of April 2014
Potential new record of number of people present during the lab meeting – 30 people! Kristin brought several delicious cakes to celebrate her publication, congratulations! Four new people in the lab group. Kalle and Johan – students doing a bachelor project with Bengt. Hilde and Strahil - students from Germany and Bulgaria visiting Staffan. Immunology study group will start soon. Talk … Continue reading


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