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Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab

Julian Melgar
I graduated as an Animal Ecologist in October 2013 here at Lund University. My master?s thesis was a sensory-ecological study on polarized light sensitivity in zebra finches. After having obtained my M. Sc., I continued doing research on this topic; this time as a research assistant at the Lund Vision Group. During my time there I also expanded my research … Continue reading

Lab meeting protocol: 12th June 2014
We had two visitors in our group: Julian working with Lars on Borelia and Magdalena working on parasites with Staffan. We discussed the use of the blog, if it should be inreach or outreach. We did not reach any conclusion, but we want to continue the blog and include Journal club posts. There are three suggestions for the blog: 1) … Continue reading

Lab meeting protocol: 5th June 2014
Next Thursday 12/6 is the last labmeeting for this semester and we plan some kind of activity this evening – mark your calendars! Max gave a talk. Lab updates: There are new safe containers for needles and sharp stuff that can be used in the field. Need to dissect something? New dissection kit is available in the lab. Keep track … Continue reading

Next talk (12/6): The next 5 years
At the end of last year I was lucky enough to be awarded a Wallenberg Academy Fellowship that provides funds for 5 years of research. I will give a brief overview of the project which will examine the emergence, maintenance and breakdown of cooperation in animal societies. Posted by Charlie


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