Research in MEEL

Our present studies cover a broad range of organisms including mammals, birds, insects, parasites and bacteria. The main research projects have been arranged in six themes (see left panel for more information).

Irrespective of organism, most projects typically make use of microsatellite markers, AFLP or multiple gene sequencing to identify processes of isolation, resolving phylogenetic relationships, testing host–parasite associations or identifying genes under selection. We also have a strong profile in immunoecology, for which we use the ELISA technique to measure antibody mediated immune responses.

Although many of our research questions can be solved with standard PCR and sequencing, some of the projects now make use of the new advances coming from the next generation sequencing (NGS) techniques and apply microarray analyses, Roche 454 transcriptome and amplicon sequencing or Illumina based RAD sequencing.

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