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Microbiology Group for research on Gram-positive bacteria

The Microbiology Group at the Department of Biology consists of about a dozen members who jointly and in close contact perform research on bacteria and provide undergraduate and postgraduate academic training in the discipline of microbiology.

All research projects of the group concern basic cellular and molecular aspects of gram-positive bacteria, which are microbes of large medical, environmental and industrial importance. Bacillus, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, and Streptomyces species are in the focus. Contemporary scientific questions regarding cell development, cell stress, and biogenesis of respiratory systems are addressed in the experimental work.

The group teaches microbiology at all university levels and is responsible for a master's programme in Microbiology. Courses given are "Genetics and Microbiology", "Microbiology", "Molecular Genetics", "Methods in Molecular Biology" and, at the master's level, "Molecular Microbiology", "Antibiotics - Biology and Chemistry" and "Bioinformatics and Sequence Analysis". The courses aim to provide the students with substantial theoretical knowledge as well as considerable practical laboratory experience.


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Bacterial colonies in a Petri dish
Contact Information

Lars Hederstedt
Molecular Cell Biology




Department of Biology
Biology Building A
Sölvegatan 35
SE-223 62 Lund, Sweden

Co-ordinating scientists

Lars Hederstedt 

Nora Ausmees 
Senior Lecturer

Klas Flärdh 
Senior Lecturer

Claes von Wachenfeldt 
Senior Lecturer

Lund University, Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden. Tel: +46 (0)46 222 00 00