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UN Climate Negotiations

Did you know that LU researchers and students are eligible to participate in the international climate change negotiations as observers? Lund University is an admitted non-governmental organisation to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and are entitled to nominate observers for accreditation to UNFCCC meetings. This provides opportunity for you as associated to Lund University to participate in the negotations on site as an observer.

As an accredited observer delegate you get access to attend open meetings of the Conference of Parties (COP/MOP), ad hoc-working groups and subsidiary bodies as well as various side events, seminars and exhibitions. This implies possibilities to follow how particular issues of your interest proceeds in the negotiation process, meet with negotiators and network with researchers and other actors. If your interested in, for instance, accreditation for the COP18 summit in Doha, Qatar, in December the deadline for nomination is 9 October.


On the agenda...

UN Climate Change Conference (SB40) in Bonn 4-15 June 2014


The UNFCCC has recently opened its call for nominations of observer delegates to the Subsidiary bodies meetings and ADP session in Bonn 4-15 June. The conference will assemble the 40th sessions of the SBSTA and SBI  as well as the concurrent session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP). For accreditation, LU researchers, staff and doctoral students (master students by way of exception) are welcome to submit their nomination to our designated contact point Roger Hildingsson by 10 April at the latest.


More information (UNFCCC notication)


Accreditation: Nominations of observer delegates are registered by our designated contact point in the UNFCCC online registration system. To complete your nomination, please make sure to provide the following information (i.e. as it appears in your official photo identification/passport, which you will have to present on site at the registration):


Salutation (Mr., Ms., etc):

First name:

Last name:

Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY):

Country of nationality:

Passport, or other photo identification number:

Organization (if other than Lund University):


Functional title (optional; e.g. Professor, Dr., etc):

Dates you will attend the sessions (first and/or second week):

E-mail address:


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Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon at the UN climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico, in december 2010. UN photo by Paulo Filgueiras.


Roger Hildingsson
Designated Contact Point, Lund University
Tel: +46 (0)46 222 4762

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UN climate change meeting in Cancun, Mexico

At the UN climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico. UN photo by Paulo Filgueiras.

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