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Fish, flesh or fowl?

Our research at the Department of Biology concerns many subjects, from tomato "suicide genes" that may cure cancer to the migration of sea turtles. Among many other topics, we study how vision mechanisms in nocturnal insects can be applied to enhance human vision while driving in dim light, how bird resistance to malaria may increase our knowledge about human malaria, how the response of breast cancer cells to treatment can be improved and how bacteria respond to stress.

Bacteria, plant and animal cells, yeast, jellyfish, insects, fish and birds are just a few of the organisms we study. Our experiments are carried out in many different ways - at the computer, in the field, in our wind tunnel, at one of our field stations or in our laboratories. We work in Sweden, in Australia or maybe in the Antarctic. We have interdisciplinary cooperations both within Lund University and with our many international contacts.

You will find more about our research fields on our research group web pages or, why not, take a look at the video clip below about how yeast genetics may revolutionize the brewing industry.







More videos about research at Lund University.


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