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Experimental Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour – EXEB

Erik Svensson, Pallavi Chauhan, Machteld Verzijden, Rune Verzijden, Jessica Abbott, John Waller, Anna Nordén, Rachael Dudaniec, Katrine Lund Hansen , Qinyang Li, Hanna Rosenquist and Maren Wellenreuther. Absent: Maja Tarka

Welcome to the EXEB laboratory at Lund University. Researchers within the EXEB share a common interest in theory-driven evolutionary biology and ecology with a strong empirical connection. In our research, we combine and integrate methods ranging from evolutionary quantitative and molecular genetics to experimental evolution, field experiments, phylogenetic comparative methods, theory and mathematical modeling. Our primary model organisms are insects and other invertebrates. Invertebrates are particularly suited for testing predictions from ecological and evolutionary theory due to their ease of maintenance in the lab, and large natural population sizes. We meet once a week to share our thoughts and ideas about science and to discuss scientific articles, manuscripts and ongoing research projects in our group.

Learn more about us by exploring the EXEB website and our blog: www.exeblund.blogspot.se.


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