Christer Löfstedt, Professor

I was born 1955 in Kristianstad, Sweden and completed my B.Sc. in biology and chemistry at Lund University in 1978. In 1984 I was awarded my Ph.D. in animal ecology at Lund University on the thesis "Sex pheromone communication in the turnip moth Agrotis segetum".

My research interests include all aspects of insect chemical communication with a focus on the evolutionary and applied aspects of pheromone communication in moths. I am one of the PIs behind the Centre for Genomic Ecology established in 2006.

Major ongoing research projects are:

I am teaching various aspects of chemical communication in undergraduate courses on chemical ecology, evolutionary ecology, sensory biology and at the medical school. I am currently examinator in Chemical Ecology and Ecotoxicology.

Welcome to examine my list of publications (see right) and please ask for reprints via e-mail if you are interested in any of the papers I have published.

Selected publications

Löfstedt, C., Herrebout, W.M., and Du, J.-W. 1986. Evolution of the ermine moth pheromone tetradecyl acetate. Nature 323:621-623.

Roelofs, W.L., Glover, T., Tang, X-H., Sreng, I., Robbins, P., Eckenrode, C. Löfstedt, C., Hansson, B., and Bengtsson, B. O. 1987. Sex pheromone production and perception in European corn borer moths is determined by both autosomal and sex-linked genes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 84:7585-7589.

Hansson, B.S., Ljungberg, H., Hallberg, E., and Löfstedt, C. 1992. Functional specialization of olfactory glomeruli in a moth. Science 256:1313-1315.

Löfstedt, C. 1993. Moth pheromone genetics and evolution. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B 340:167-177.

Schiestl, F.P., Ayasse, M., Paulus, H.F., Löfstedt, C., Hansson, B.S., Ibarra, F., and Francke W. 1999. Orchid pollination by sexual swindle. Nature 399:421-22.

Skals, N., Anderson, P., Kanneworff, M, Löfstedt, C., and Surlykke, A. 2005. Her odours make him deaf: crossmodal modulation of olfaction and hearing in a male moth. J. Exp. Biol. 208:595-601.

Lassance, J.-M. and Löfstedt C. 2009. Concerted evolution of male and female display traits in the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis. BMC Biol. 7:10:1-12.

Lassance, J.-M., Groot, A.T., Liénard, M.A., Antony, B., Borgwardt, C., Andersson, F., Hedenström, E., Heckel, D.G., and Löfstedt, C. 2010. Allelic variation in a fatty-acyl reductase gene causes divergence in moth sex pheromones. Nature 466:486-489.

Doctoral students and Post-docs

Doctoral students, main supervisor: Bao-Jian Ding  Jothi Kumar Yuvaraj

Doctoral student, assistant supervisor: Johan Jakobsson

Hong-Lei Wang Dan-Dan Zhang Martin Andersson Åsa Hagström


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