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Seminar about the American perspectives on global climate talks

- An opportunity for you to meet Andrew Light, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress


Friday, 11 March, 9.00-12.00
Where? “Världen”, Geocentrum I, Sölvegatan 10
For who? All students, researchers and teachers at Lund university

Andrew Light, Senior Fellow at the Center for Foto på Andrew LightAmerican Progress, will visit Lund University on Friday 11 March and talk from an American NGO perspective about what happened after the latest round in the UN climate change negotiations (COP 16 in Cancún, Mexico, December 2010), such as President Obama's domestic energy agenda, the international climate change initiatives and future of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The US position is rather central in the climate talks, but also a complicated one due to the history of the Kyoto Protocol and the domestic setting with different atmosphere on the federal level and in many of the individual states.

The day may offer insights on what’s going on with the US negotiating position now moving forward and reflections on issues of collaboration, such as on climate finance. The latter is one of the foreseen main elements in a sought new global climate deal under the UN system.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for discussion, questions and answers, as well as exchange of ideas, preceded by a short lecture.

The event is for free and without invitation. However, if you want free lunch, please send an e-mail to Ulrika Jönsson Belyazid before Wednesday 9 March, 10 pm.

The day is hosted by the Lund University’s internal project called “Klimatinitiativet” and LUCSUS.

For more information, take a look at:
The Center for American Progress
Andrew Light’s biography
Lund University’s climate portal (in Swedish)



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