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Linda-Maria Mårtensson

Ecosystem C cycling is the main theme for my research. Changing soil conditions will most probably affect microbial communities and the grassland C cycling. Stress, such as erosion, compaction and contamination, will also most likely affect the microbial biomass and activity in the soil and, therefore, the C cycling belowground.

Mycorrhizal symbiosis is an other important part of my research. The plants need of AM fungal colonization in sandy grasslands may be regulated by the P status of the soil, which in turn is controlled by soil pH.

The interaction between plants and soil is also an important part of my research. The vegetation composition is affected by prevailing soil conditions, such as pH, nutrient and mineral status of the soil, together with erosion processes and more.


Last modified 6 Dec 2012

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Linda-Maria Mårtensson


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