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Erkki Palmu, Doctoral Student

  • I have a background in environmental science and conservation biology. My master thesis encompassed a study of species traits of carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in relation to environmental changes in afforested semi-natural grasslands.
  • My research is focused on studying landscape effects on activity density of carabids and other arthropod predators in a simplified agricultural landscape context. I currently use distance-based statistics, geostatistical tools and also intend to make use of stable isotope methods in order to study distribution patterns at both local and larger spatial scales.
  • How are Carabids distributed throughout the intensively managed agricultural areas? To what extent can distribution patterns be explained by landscape parameters such as amount of “non-crop” grassland and proximity to grasslands? Do properties of the species assemblages mainly change with distance or are factors such as management or crop and soil type more important factors that determine differences in species composition and distribution patterns of specific species?
Supervisor and Associated Student


Katarina Hedlund

Associated Student

Aliette Baillod

European Master of Science Agroecology
ISARA-Lyon engineering school (France) and Wageningen University (NL)

Aliette is studying effects of management and landscape on Spiders and Earth worms in simplified agricultural landscapes.


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Erkki Palmu

Erkki Palmu



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