Olle Anderbrant, Professor

I was born 1956 in Tärnaby, northern Sweden, and got my undergraduate education in natural sciences and mathematics at Lund University 1975-1980. In 1988 I defended my Ph.D. in Animal Ecology (thesis: "Reproduction and competition in the bark beetle Ips typographus"). I was appointed Docent at Lund University in 1992, and Professor of chemical ecology in 2003.

My research has covered several aspects of insect ecology and in particular the role of chemical signals in the lives of insects. Both basic questions (how? and why?) and more applied (how to use the knowledge in practice?) have been addressed within a number of projects. Insect groups covered include bark beetles, sawflies, wasps, moths, psyllids and thrips.

The work with sawflies has resulted in several new pheromones identified, some of which are used in forestry for monitoring purposes, and work with stored product pests has resulted in establishment of pheromone-based population control of indoor moths. For current projects, see list and links to the right.

I have published about 90 scientific articles and book chapters, and am involved in teaching at all levels and in administration, currently as head of one of six units within the department.

I am married with Susanna, and father of David (born 1988) and Anna (born 1990), and like to travel, do birdwatching, and take part in folk music/dancing.

Selected publications

Anderbrant, O., Schlyter, F. and Birgersson, G. 1985. Intraspecific competition affecting parents and offspring in the bark beetle Ips typographus. Oikos 45:89-98.

Anderbrant, O. 1999. Sawflies and seed wasps. In: Hardie, R.J. & Minks A.K (eds.) Pheromones of Non-Lepidopteran Insects Associated with Agricultural Plants. CAB International, Wallingford, pp. 199-226.

Östrand, F. and Anderbrant, O. 2003. From where are insects recruited? A new model to interpret catches of attractive traps. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 5:163-171.

Ryne, C., Svensson, G.P., Anderbrant, O. and Löfstedt, C. 2007. Evaluation of long-term mating disruption of Ephestia kuehniella and Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in indoor storage facilities by pheromone traps and monitoring of relative aerial concentrations of pheromone. Journal of Economic Entomology 100:1017-1025.

Kristoffersen, L., Larsson, M.C. and Anderbrant, O. 2008. Functional characteristics of a tiny but specialized olfactory system: olfactory receptor neurons of carrot psyllids (Homoptera: Triozidae). Chemical Senses 33:759-769.

Doctoral students and Post-docs

Doctoral students, main supervisor: Monica De Facci Johan Jakobsson

Doctoral student, assistant supervisor: Jothi Kumar Yuvaraj Josef Berger

Post-docs: Joana F. Marques Franklin N Nyabuga Inis Winde


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