Glenn Svensson, Ph.D.

Born 1972 in Växjö, Sweden. Studied biology at Lund University where I got my B.Sc. in 1998. Received my Ph.D. in chemical ecology and ecotoxicology at the same university in 2002 (thesis title: Disruption of moth mating behaviour by olfactory and auditory cues). I spent a few years abroad as a postdoc (USA 2003-2005, Japan 2006) before returning back to Lund.

My research interest is focused on how insects use chemical signals to find mates and host plants. I am using moths and beetles as model systems to study both basic and applied aspects of insect chemical ecology.

Currently I am involved in the following projects:

I am teaching in undergraduate courses on chemical ecology, sensory biology and animal ecology.

Welcome to examine my list of publications (see below & right) and please ask for reprints via e-mail if you are interested in any of the papers I have published.

Selected publications

Svensson, G.P., Löfstedt, C. and Skals, N. 2004. The odour makes the difference: male moths attracted by sex pheromones ignore the threat from predatory bats. Oikos 104:91-97.

Svensson, G.P., Hickman, M.O. Jr., Bartram, S., Boland, W., Pellmyr, O. and Raguso, R.A. 2005. Chemistry and geographic variation of floral scent in Yucca filamentosa (Agavaceae). American Journal of Botany 92:1624-1631.

Larsson, M.C. and Svensson, G.P. 2009. Pheromones for monitoring rare and threatened insects: exploiting a pheromone-kairomone system to estimate prey and predator abundance Conservation Biology 23:1516-1525.

Svensson, G.P., Okamoto, T., Kawakita, A., Goto, R. and Kato, M. 2010. Chemical ecology of an obligate pollination mutualism: testing the ‘private channel’ hypothesis in the Breynia-Epicephala association. New Phytologist 186:995-1004.

Svensson, G.P., Pellmyr, O. and Raguso, R.A. 2011. Pollinator attraction to volatiles from virgin and pollinated host flowers in a yucca/moth obligate mutualism. Oikos 120:1577-1583.

Doctoral students

Doctoral students, assistant supervisor: Monica De Facci Johan Jakobsson


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