Erling Jirle, BSc, Lab Manager

I was born 1955 in Karlskrona, Sweden. Studied chemistry, biology, geoscience and linguistics at Lund University 1975–1980. Has worked in the pheromone research group since 1981.

Lab manager: Responsible for maintainance of lab equipment, computers, GCs, GC-MSs, purchasing and invoices, chemicals databases, insect cultures and lab safety. Experimental work on insects (dissection, pheromone analysis). Experienced field-worker (Scandinavia, Central Europe, Kenya). Safety officer in the group.

I was webmaster of the first pheromone website 1995–2011, and launched this new Pheromone Group site Aug 2011. Likewise, I was webmaster of the section of Chemical Ecology/Ecotoxicology 1998–2011. That section was discontinued 2011.

Besides working in the research group work I work half-time at the department, involved in a number of functions;

  • Infrastructure group
  • HMS-committee (Health, Environment, Safety)
  • HMS executive group
  • KLARA chemicals database (department administrator)
  • Responsible for ionizing radiation in the Ecology Building
  • The department Helpdesk for computers and network
  • Computer program licencing (Select)
  • Local admin of Lund Univ. Publications database (LUP)

My personal hobbies: Global birdwatching and bird taxonomy. Botany, especially plant hunting in Scandinavia. Beer and wine tasting. Country ticking. Photography. Café-testing. See details about this at;

You are welcome to examine my list of publications (see right) and please ask for reprints via e-mail if you are interested in any of the papers I have participated in.

The Ecology Building in winter. Photo: Erling Jirle.


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Erling Jirle
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A big Lepidoptera at Las Tangaras Lodge, Colombia, March 2011; Rhescynthis hippodamia columbiana (det. Karin Johnson)

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