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Nellie Linander

 Who am I?
My interest for animals and animal behavior started long ago. According to my parents, I was already as a kid fascinated by insects and their behavior. I used to sit on the ground and play with ants, building roads for them to follow and putting up obstacles to see how they all changed direction.

A bit later in life I moved to Gothenburg to start studying marine biology but ended up attending a lot of courses in animal behavior and evolutionary processes. After graduating I moved to Linköping to study animal behavior and I now have a Master's degree in Ethology and Animal Biology from Linköping University. I did my Master thesis at Exeter University where I studied the olfactory capabilities of honeybees. I fell in love with these buzzing, and sometimes stinging, little creatures and decided to continue down this road. I joined the Lund Vision Group as a PhD student in august 2012 and am now happily engaged in the exciting world of visual flight control and visually guided obstacle avoidance in flying insects.

What am I interested in?
Despite their small brains and visual systems, flying insects are capable of detecting and avoiding collisions with moving obstacles. During flight, insects use visual information to actively control their speed, to negotiate obstacles and to land. Flight speed and position in space must be continuously monitored, but how is this controlled? How robust are visual flight control systems when the surroundings are cluttered or when flying in the open? I will investigate these questions by characterizing bumblebee flight trajectories as they negotiate a flight arena of different dimensions and complexity.

Interest in the flight control strategies of insects has expanded rapidly in the last couple of years. However, little is known about the mechanisms that underlie visually guided obstacle avoidance in flying insects. My research will therefore focus on this specific field, starting with bumblebees.



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Nellie Linander
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