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Aravin Chakravarthi 


Much of my childhood was spent in a boarding school located in a pristine part of the Western Ghats of South India. Perhaps its here I started loving life science? I have a Bachelors degree in Forestry and have studied the behavior of captive Chimpanzees. As a Masters student, I studied time and age related changes in the associative learning in Apis mellifera. Also briefly during this period I took up another study on the sex and age specific changes in the photo tactic behavior of ants (see my publication). After my masters, I studied the sensory basis of oviposition behavior in Daphnis nerii.

Current research:

Hymenopterans inhabit open as well as complex environments, and can be found feeding during the day as well as during the night. Thus, these groups of insects provide a suitable system to address questions pertaining to the visual capacities in insects. The primary aim of my study is to understand the limits of visual acuity in hymenopterans with diverse natural histories. A comparative study across different species of hymenopterans will help us define the limits of their visual system for different visually guided behaviors in diverse ecological niches. My model animals include bumble bees, as well as tropical species of hymenopterans such as Xylocopa lecothorax, X. tranquebarica, Apis dorsata etc…




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