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Courses for International students

Online application at the latest 15th of January 2015

Application form

Please note! A recording should be sent directly to the Academy of Music, International coordinator, Box 8203, SE-200 41 Malmö, Sweden.

Candidates for Trumpet are required to do a live audition in March, a recording is not sufficient. Please contact

Supporting documents for international students

Send the following supporting documents to University Admission in Sweden at the address: FE 1, SE-833 83 Stroemsund, Sweden.

Documents must arrive before the deadline!

Please read carefully about how to apply at Lund University English website
Here you can see that you send supporting documents to Strömsund and a link about which supporting documents to send. But don't forget to send a recording to Malmö!

Information for non-european students:
You will also find further important information concerning applications, and information on fees and scholarships for non-european students at Lund University English website mentioned above.

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