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Outreach and dissemination

BECC is a participatory research programme that collaborates with stakeholders in order to promote the effective dissemination of research findings to relevant sectors of the Swedish society (agriculture, forestry, energy, environmental protection etc.) and to maximise their resonance among decision-makers in, for example, climate policy, environmental policy or adaptive management in forestry and agriculture.

Stakeholders already engaged with include the national forestry, agriculture, energy and environmental protection agencies, county councils, landowners and forest managers, and nature conservation NGOs.

Reseachers and stakeholders will interact in thematic (e.g. agriculture) and cross-cutting (e.g. conservation vs. production in forests) reference groups, workshops, field days and round-table expert discussions targeting the production of white papers or policy briefs.

Stakeholders will also be represented on the board of the research programme.

Individuals and organisations interested in engaging with BECC may contact the programme coordinator.


Last modified 30 Apr 2013

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