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The Pheromone group - insect chemical ecology

We study how chemical signals (olfaction and taste) are used by insects to find food, a partner or an egg laying site. We try to answer questions about how the signals work (morphology, physiology, behaviour and ecology), how they have evolved (evolution and genetics), and how they can be used for practical purposes, for example to suppress pest insects or census rare species. Read more on the research page.

Bao-Jian Jothi Martin Åsa Monica Johan Dan-Dan Glenn Olle Erling Christer Hong-Lei

The Pheromone group, September 2011. Select and click on a face on the picture to get directly to a personal homepage. From left to right: Hong-Lei Wang, Evrim Sönmez (visiting scientist), Christer Löfstedt, Erling Jirle, Olle Anderbrant, Eylem Gündüz (visiting scientist), Glenn Svensson, Dan-Dan Zhang, Johan Jakobsson, Monica De Facci, Åsa Hagström, Martin N. Andersson, Jothi Kumar and Bao-Jian Ding. Missing at the photo session: Jean-Marc Lassance, Marjorie Liénard and Jette Knudsen. Photo: Erling Jirle.

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