Lund University

Patrik Andersson

Instructor in Ensemble and Orchestra conducting

Patrik Andersson has studied musicology at Lund University and is a graduate in composition and vocals methodology at the Malmö Academy of Music. In addition, he has studied orchestra conducting at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. His teachers in conducting have included, among others, Michel Tabachnik, Pierre Boulez and Herbert Blomstedt. As a composer, Patrik Andersson has focused his work on chamber music and vocal music for both large and small forms.

Patrik is a director musices at Lund University and the supervisor of its musical center Odeum, where he teaches courses in interpretation and orchestra conducting. He is also the artistic leader of the Academic Band and Lund academic wind player symphonists. At the Malmö Academy of Music, a part of Lund University, he is also head instructor and responsible for the subject area of ensemble conducting. Patrik Andersson is also the president of the University's music board, where he works with matters concerning the development of musical life at the University, and he is a board member for the Southern Choral Centre, also a part of the University, in which scope he has given master conducting courses. Patrik, whose main occupation is within Lund University, has also worked with Malmö Symphony Orchestra at several occasions and he has worked with concerts with Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and the Marine Music Corps, among others.


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