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Conny Antonov, born 1958, is a pianist and a lecturer at the Malmö Academy of Music where he is teaching interpretation to classically oriented singers. His focus areas include opera, Lieder and oratories. Since 2005, Conny Antonov is responsible for the Academy’s courses in opera improvisation. He has also been responsible for an artistic and pedagogical research project concerning the subject. This pioneering work is documented in the publication Improvisatörerna, including a DVD, published in 2009. See Lund University Publications and Dissertations. The project has also resulted in a number of improvisation performances outside the Academy, all based on classical songs, Lieder and opera. Antonov has developed his interest in experimental concert forms through earlier participations in musical drama projects for children and teenagers based on the Lieder of Franz Schubert.

Conny Antonov has a long professional experience of working with singers. As a result he has a wide repertoire and substantial concert experience. He is an appreciated guest teacher at courses for pianists and singers, at folk high schools and summer academies. At concerts in Sweden and abroad he is often engaged both as a solo pianist and an appreciated accompanist. Conny Antonov has performed at concerts in Paris, Rome and at the Villa San Michele, Capri, among other places. He has participated in several programs on Swedish national radio, SR P2, and can also be heard on a number of CD recordings.

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