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Gunlis Ardevall, senior lecturer at the Malmö Academy of Music, is a singer and vocal teacher and has served at the institution since 1978. She trains future singing teachers in classical singing and is training music teacher students in various vocal techniques: ballad, pop/rock, jazz, evergreen, musical, and classical music.

Since 2001 she has studied American voice researcher/singing teacher Jo Estill’s methods, Estill Voice Craft ™, which includes various forms of voice qualities: speech, falsetto, sob, twang, belting and opera. The research of Jo Estill offers the possibility to express vocal technique in concrete terms. With knowledge and skills in the different parts of the voice – anatomic structures – it is possible to make conscious choices when you sing and speak.

Since 2009, Gunlis is a fully accredited Estill Voice Craft instructor - Certified Master Teacher – and uses these techniques in her daily work with her students at the Malmö Academy of Music. Gunlis’ responsibilities at the Academy also include interpretation work, vocal tuition methodology, as well as coaching vocal teacher students during in-house training. For sixteen years Gunlis served as a vocal teacher/coach at the Malmö Theatre Academy and at institutional theatres, in close co-operation with vocal/voice teachers, movement teachers and stage directors. She coached many of Sweden’s future actors in the years 1981–1997. She also works as a consultant with regional choirs, carrying out specific work with choristers’ voice technique, relaxation, breathing and text interpretation on the basis of their current repertoire. Also a singer on a freelance basis, Gunlis Ardevall’s skills include Lieder, ballads, ballads in jazz style, folk songs, opera and oratory solo parts.

Recently, Gunlis and her colleague,Kjell Edstrand, a piano teacher at the Malmö Academy of Music, introduced BrainGym® as a tool for instruction and tuition to the Academy by using it in their classes and introducing the basics of this method to Svenska Pianopedagogförbundet (Swedish Piano Teachers Association) and other music teachers in the region. Both of them are accredited BrainGym® Instructors/Consultants.

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