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Leif Bengtsson

LEIF BENGTSSON – Lecturer in trumpet & brass ensemble

LEIF BENGTSSON Studied at the Göteborg Conservatory of Music (1963) with Åke Williamsson and at the Malmö Conservatory of Music (1964) with Knud Hovaldt and Palmer Traulsen. In shorter periods he has also studied with John Glasel and Gerry Schwarz in New York (1973), Adolf Herseath, Arnold Jacobs and Vincent Chikowith in Chicago (1978) and Pière Thibaud in Paris (1983).

LEIF BENGTSSON is a member of L´Orchestre des Champs Elyeès and La Chapelle Royal, two internationally renowned orchestras from Paris. During concert tours with these ensembles he has performed in most capitals in Europe and he has also participated in several radio and television recordings. The orchestras include musicians from all over the world and their recordings have been successfully released onto the music market. Their productions have also been awarded several prestigious music prizes. He founded the Malmö Brass Quintet in 1976. Since then the quintet has performed several concerts and has also participated in Swedish radio and television productions. He is a member of the Baroque music ensemble Concerto Copenhagen, which plays historical instruments.

LEIF BENGTSSON has worked as a lecturer in trumpet and brass ensemble at the Malmö Academy of Music since 1979. He has worked as a conductor with the Academy’s Brass and Percussion Ensemble, with concert tours in Europe (Hungary 1984, England 1986 and Denmark 1988), during tours in the south of Sweden and for ten concerts broadcasted by the Swedish Radio. In 1986 he was awarded the Lund University pedagogy prize for his prominent contribution to undergraduate studies at the Malmö Academy of Music.

LEIF BENGTSSON was an exchange teacher for two months in 1995 at the Sydney Conservatory of Music, Australia, and he played solo concerts in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Since 1996 he has taught annually for a week at the Academy of Music in Vilnius, Lithuania as well as since 2001 at the Academy of Music in Hanoi, Vietnam, where he also has performed together with a pianist.

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