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Sven Bjerstedt

Researcher in Music Education, PhD

Assistant Dean, Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University.

Senior lecturer in Music at the Malmö Theatre Academy.

Researcher (PhD) in Music Education at the Malmö Academy of Music.

Born in Malmö in 1962.

Bachelor's degree (Swedish, History of Ideas and Sciences, Philosophy), Lund University.

Pedagogical education for Improvisation Musicians, Malmö Academy of Music.

Instructor in Interpretation studies at the Malmö Theatre Academy 1984-1997, lecturer in Music for the same employer 1997-2003, senior lecturer since 2003.

Freelancer as a musician and writer. Music reviewer in the publication Kristianstadsbladet since 2004.

Research projects
My research project concerns intermedial conceptual loans.

Presentation of the research project

Assorted publications

Music Education

Bjerstedt, S. (2014). Storytelling in jazz improvisation: Implications of a rich intermedial metaphor. (PhD dissertation.) Malmö: Lund University, Malmö Academy of Music. (Studies in Music and Music Education, 17.)

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Bjerstedt, S. (2013). Strong experiences with music: Music is much more than just music: A review essay. [Book review of Alf Gabrielsson, Strong experiences with music.] International journal of education & the arts, 14.

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Bjerstedt, S. (2013). Musical marginalization processes: Problematizing the marginalization concept through an example from early 20th century American popular culture. In P. Dyndahl (Ed.), Intersection and interplay: Contributions to the cultural study of music in performance, education, and society (pp. 141-156). Malmö: Lund University, Malmö Academy of Music. (Perspectives in music and music education, No. 9.)

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Bjerstedt, S. (2009). Att tonsätta text: En kompositionspedagogisk metodik för skådespelarstudenter. (Setting music to text: A compositional pedagogy for acting students.) (Master (one year) thesis.) Malmö: Lund University, Malmö Academy of Music

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Bjerstedt, S. (2010). Att agera musikaliskt: Musikalitet som norm och utbildningsmål för västerländsk talteater. (Musicality in acting: Musicality as a standard and an educational goal for Western spoken theatre.) (Master thesis.) Malmö: Lund University, Malmö Academy of Music.

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History of Music

Bjerstedt, S. (2006). Who was Einar Swan? A study in jazz age fame and oblivion. The Swedish Finn Historical Society.

Bjerstedt, S. (2007). Who was Einar Swan? The story behind ’When your lover has gone’. The Mississippi Rag. The voice of traditional jazz and ragtime, 34(1), pp. 11–17.

Vem var Einar Swan? (Who was Einar Swan?) TV documentary (57 min). Producer: Benny Törnroos. Researched and presented by Sven Bjerstedt. Premiere on Finnish national television (FST5) 29 December 2008.

Bjerstedt, S. (2009). Angy Palumbo: The pen name that was real. BMG Banjo–Mandolin–Guitar, No. 856, pp. 110–111.

History of Literature

Bjerstedt, S. (1982). Strindberg och den ensamme fakiren. (Strindberg and the lonely Fakir.) Bokvännen, 27(8), pp. 168–170; also in Horisont 1983, 30(1), pp. 66–68.

Bjerstedt, S. (1983). Fruktan inför döden? Reflektioner med utgångspunkt i några svenska filosofiska essäer. (Fear of death? Reflections on a number of Swedish philosophical essays.) Filosofisk tidskrift, 4(1), pp. 1-13.

Bjerstedt, S. (1993). Theophilus - medeltidens Faust. (Theophilus - the Faust of the Middle Ages.) Tidskrift för litteraturvetenskap, 22(1), pp. 23–33.

Bjerstedt, S. (1993). Skinner och Atlantican. (Skinner and the Atlantica.) Lychnos. Lärdomshistoriska samfundets årsbok, pp. 167–176.

Bjerstedt, S. (2003). Fyra gånger Erik den fjortonde. Stilprov ur den svenska dramatikens historia. (Four times Erik XIV. Style samples from the history of Swedish drama.) Språk och stil. Tidskrift för svensk språkforskning, 13 NF, pp. 195–214.

Bjerstedt, S. (2006). Jämförelser: fyra svenska tolkningar av Shakespeares sonett nr 18. (Comparisons: Four Swedish interpretations of Shakespeare's sonnet no. 18.) Shakespeare (Henån: Shakespearesällskapet), 2006(2), pp. 8–10.

Bjerstedt, S. (2009). Johan Oxenstierna – en fotnot i den svenska filosofins historia. (Johan Oxenstierna - a footnote in the history of Swedish philosophy.) Personhistorisk tidskrift, 105(1), pp. 34–50.

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