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As a 12 year old, Olle Davidsson began playing bass in the family own small orchestra. His first bass instructor was Carina Sporrong. After high school he began studying with professor Torval Fredin at Stockholm Academy of Music. Parallelly with the studies at the Academy, Olle studied chamber music and string orchestra for Björn Sjögren at Sveriges Radios Musikinstitut.

His period of studies also included extensive tours in both east- and western Europe with Leonard Bernstein and Sergiu Celebidache among others, and freelancing in different swedish orchestras. After participating in courses in Italy and Switzerland, his studies continued at the Royal College of Music in London for Duncan McTier and Peter Buckoke.

When the studies in London were nearing its end, Olle Davidsson began working in the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, where he after a few years got his first solo bass position. Since 1996, Olle Davidsson is a solo bass player in Zealand Symphony Orchestra. He has also worked as a solo bass player at the Malmö Opera and the Malmö Symphony Orchestra.


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Olle Davidson
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