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Pianist Kjell Edstrand teaches piano (playing by ear) at the Malmö Academy of Music, and gives lessons in synthesiser and keyboard. A performing artist on freelance basis for twenty years, Mr. Edstrand has a vast experience as accompanist, working with outstanding Swedish pop, rock and jazz musical artists and a number of classical music artists.

His skills also include conducting and arranging for all kinds of orchestras and all blends of instruments. In addition, Mr. Edstrand has frequently performed on Swedish Television as ensemble leader or pianist. “The basis for my piano teaching is a conviction that orchestrating and piano playing are closely related to each other.

Piano harmony practice is a form of improvised instant orchestration.” Mr. Edstrand was project leader of the pop/rock/folk music education on its initiation at the Academy. Now part of the Academy’s permanent programmes on offer, these courses tend to have an increasing number of applicants every year.

Mr. Edstrand has devoted much time to the study of memorising and rehearsal techniques. Recently, he and his colleague Gunlis Ardevall introduced BrainGym® as a tool for instruction and tuition, using it in their classes and introducing the basics of this method to Svenska Pianopedagogförbundet (Swedish Piano Teachers Association).

Next year, both of them will become accredited BrainGym® Instructors/Consultants. For further BrainGym® information, please go to: In 2003 Kjell Edstrand was awarded the Educational Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.


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