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Bruno Faria

Currently pursuing a PhD in music at Lund University with funding from the Brazilian agency CAPES, and holding a Masters Degree from The University of Iowa (USA), Bruno Faria, Brazilian flutist from the city of Belo Horizonte, has been an active performer/educator/researcher for the past years, having occupied positions at the Orquestra Filarmônica do Espírito Santo as flute/piccolo solo and at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil), as flute professor and coordinator of the Bachelors of Music Degree.

Parallel experiences with Brazilian popular music and the artistic medium of Soundpainting, the latter both as a performer and a Soundpainter, raise Faria’s research interest for ways to access and potentially strengthen one’s musicianship by integrating practices and establishing new forms to think and make music. In the PhD research, Faria investigates the practices of sign language Soundpainting, created by North-American musician Walter Thompson in the mid 1970s, from the perspective of classically trained musicians as a form of re-contextualizing musical knowledge and exploring it from different perspectives.

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Bruno Faria
PhD student
Malmö Academy of Music


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