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LENNART GRUVSTEDT – percussions, chamber music
Lennart Gruvstedt (b. 1955) studied with Bent Lylloff at the Malmö Academy of Music. He joined the Malmö Percussion Ensemble from its start in 1975, frequently touring all over Europe and the USA. The ensemble, being one of the first performing in Sweden, has made a number of eminent disc and radio recordings.

For many years living in Copenhagen, Mr. Gruvstedt played in Det Kongelige Kapel (the Royal Danish Orchestra) 1977–78 and was a member of the Danish Radio Big Band. These assignments were combined, and still are, with free-lance engagements all over Europe. Since 1980 Mr. Gruvstedt shares his time between free-lancing and tuition at the Malmö Academy of Music, the latter forming a solid basis for other, temporary assignments.

In 2001 Mr. Gruvstedt was awarded a scholarship from Stiftelsen Egil Johansens Minne (Egil Johansen Memory Foundation).


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Lennart Gruvstedt
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