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Daniel Hjorth has taught pitch, music theory, arrangement and composition at the Malmö Academy of Music since 2003. Beyond his teaching job he is an exceedingly active composer and in the past years he has among other things been noted for his electro-acoustic music for theatre performances, like the Seven Chambermaids at Dramaten and most recently War tourists at the Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki. In addition to this he has composed a large amount of chamber music and at those times he has often combined acoustic instruments with electronics. In 1996 he won Sveriges Radio Symphony Orchestra's composition competition with the piece Crop Circles. The composition has also been played by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. This orchestra has now commissioned a longer orchestra composition, which at the moment is under construction.

Daniel Hjorth was born in 1973 in Laholm. He has studied composition at the Gotland School of Music, Composition and at the Malmö Academy of Music. His music, which is often strongly rhythmically profiled, structurally balanced and is signified by a distinctive ringing use of instruments and type of playing, has caused great interest at several festivals for contemporary music in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Cuba. Daniel Hjorth lives and works in Malmö.



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Daniel Hjorth
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