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Nicklas Holmberg

Nicklas Holmberg began playing drums as a ten year old and from the age of 13 he played in a dance orchestra. He has studied at the Music High School under Peter Fältskog and at Malmö Academy of Music under Lennart Gruvstedt. He graduated in 1990.
The following year he was hired as a solo kettle drummer in Malmö Opera Orchestra. Nicklas Holmberg has played with most of the Swedish symphony orchestras, from Umeå in the north, to Malmö in the south and in Zealand's and Trondheim's symphony orchestras as well as in Huaröd's Chamber Orchestra. He has also participated in a large number of temporary ensembles, among others Malmö Percussion Ensemble.

Nicklas Holmberg works as a drummer, percussionist and kettle drummer in different genres. Since 1997 Nicklas Holmberg has been an instructor in kettle drums at the Malmö Academy of Music.




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Nicklas Holmberg
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