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Cecilia Kjelldén

CECILIA KJELLDÉN – recorder, chamber music
CECILIA KJELLDÉN works as a lecturer at the Malmö Academy of Music and teaches students with the recorder as a main instrument. She also teaches chamber music from the 17th and 18th centuries.

CECILIA KJELLDÉN has got a degree from the cantor´s programme in 1971 and three years later she got a degree in music teaching at the Malmö Academy of Music with the recorder as a main instrument. After that she studied for Claes Pehrson in Stockholm during a couple of semesters. In 1980 she formed the recorder ensemble "Flauto Dolce" together with some former students and since then she has been the leader of this ensemble.

CECILIA KJELLDÉN is in great demand as a teacher at courses of recorder interpretation in the south of Sweden. Besides her teaching and performing in the Flauto Dolce ensemble she works as a recorder soloist in various musical settings and she plays chamber music in the ensemble "Cappella Scaniensis".

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Cecilia Kjelldén
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