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ELISABETH MELANDER – singing, methodology of singing and chamber music

ELISABETH MELANDER grew up in Boden, a town in the north of sweden, where she got her first musical education at the municipal school of music in flute, violin, guitar and orchestra performance. She continued her musical studies during three years at the Framnäs folkhighschool in Piteå. The following four years (1979-1983) she studied at the School of Music and Musicology at Gothenburg University and took her music teaching degree with singing/ensemble and main subject, followed by yet another exam from the
performance programme, where her studies were oriented towards jazz and contemporary music, including subject as composing and eurythmics.

ELISABETH MELANDER started out early with her singing, acting, dancing and giving conserts on tours in the north of Sweden and Sweden around as well as abroad, with various musicians, bands, reviews and shows, where all musical genres such as pop, ballads, jazz, evergreens and classical music were included. Under the direction of the Swedish National Consert Institute she wrote lyrics, music and manuscripts to a number of music theatre productions for children. She has also worked as a compère in music programmes at the Swedish National radio in Gothenburg.

ELISABETH MELANDER has been employed as an actress and a singer in Ingmar Bergman´s stage-setting of William Shakespeare´s work “King Lear” at the Royal Opera in Stockholm and the following six month tour in Europe.

From Early age she has a profound feeling for jazz music and over the years she has been singing with a number of the most famous jazz musicians in Sweden. During her youth soul music and music written by the Beatles has formed her backbone of her own musical expression.

As a singer she has set up a profile including jazz, soul, gospel, rock and ballads and has besides her consert tours made albums and participated in a number of Radio and TV broadcastings in Sweden and abroad in Europe and some other countries. She is in great demand also a guest soloist in various music bands, gospelchoirs, big bands and as a choir backing singer as well.

ELISABETH MELANDER is employed at the Malmö Academy of Music since 1985, where she has her specialty within the improvised genres jazz, blues, pop, rock, soul, gospel, ballads and musical. She is very fond of so called performance projects, containing a consert and stage-setting with singers and musicians in all these genres.

She is a much sought after guest teacher at other institutions for higher education in music, music folkhigh schools, secondary schools, at symposiums and courses.
She has besides this, during many years, made research and has also developed a teaching method in singing contemporary music and singing improvisation.

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Elisabeth Melander
Senior lecturer in singing
Teachers (Malmö Academy of Music)



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