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Ingrid Melltorp

Ingrid Melltorp studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 1968-1976 and graduated with a higher organist degree, higher cantor degree, a Music Teacher’s degree and an organ play diploma. Her organ instructors were Professor Alf Linder and professor Anders Bondeman. Ingrid Melltorp has also studied the organ for Professor Cor Kee, Amsterdam, Professor Hans Haselböck, Wien and Professor William Porter, Boston. She’s also studied organ methodology at Göteborg Academy of Music and participated in University educational project course at the Faculty of Arts, Lund University.

She has worked as an organist in 1972-2005, in S:t Pauli congregation in Gothenburg and the Martin Luther congregation in Halmstad, among others. Ingrid Melltorp has taught liturgical organ at Gothenburg Academy of Music, 1996-2004 and since 2004 at Malmö Academy of Music and she’s an often hired instructor in liturgical organ play at further training courses.

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Ingrid Melltorp
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