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Wieslawa Szymczynska

WIESKA SZYMCZYNSKA – teaches in violin and chamber music

WIESKA SZYMCZYNSKA grew up in Polen, studied in her home town Poznan and in Moscow. She participated in forming a chamber orchestra of students in Poznan – an orchestra that gradually became the Polish Radio and TV Chamber Orchestra, in which she worked as alternate leader of the orchestra for many years. As a member of this orchestra she has been touring in most of the European countries.
Since 1982 she lives in Sweden. First in Oskarshamn as an alternate leader in the Oskarshamn Ensemble and from 1985 in Växjö as a leader of the orchestra Musica Vitae. With this chamber orchestra she has made many recordings.

WIESKA SZYMCZYNSKA is for the moment working as a violinist on free-lance basis and she gives concerts as a soloist and as a member of chamber orchestras. She is a geat violinist with a brilliant technique and a unique ability of creating a high level interpretation of music from different musical genres.

WIESKA SZYMCZYNSKA also works as a violin teacher at the Malmö Academy of Music since 1982.

- Corelli: "Concerti grossi" with Musica Vitae
- Polish music by Grazyna Bacewicz (Benedicte Haid - piano)
- "Curiosa", music by Sjögren, Suk, Ginastera (Benedicte Hain - piano)
- Violin solo", music by Roman, Teleman, Bach, Martinon, Bacewicz
- Jazzing the classics" and "Classically cool", music by Mozart, Paganini, Saint-Saëns, Saraste among others (Hubert Szymczynska - piano)

Dagens Nyheter: "When the Polish-born violinist made her appearance the whole evening suddenly came to life... she played with an astonishing virtuosity and with the most beautiful tone."

Östgöta Korrespondenten: "Her music... feels in both body and soul."

Arbetet: "As a soloist she shows her foremost sympathetic musical qualities... her music has the most natural authority."

Östra Småland: "... a superb violinist... has so much acting experience and great authority."

Svenska Dagbladet: "Thank heavens there are musicians!"

Blekinge Läns Tidning: "... a magnificent show of musicality."

Uppsala Nya Tidning: "we were spell-bound and wished it would never stop..."

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Wieslawa Szymczynska
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