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Göran Söllscher (b. 1955) earned his undergraduate degree in music education (guitar) from the Malmö Academy of Music in 1977 and studied with Per-Olof Johnson at the performance programme of the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen 1976–79.

Mr. Söllscher embarked on an international career by winning the first prize in the prestigious guitar contest “Concours international de guitare” in Paris in 1978. Since then he has literally laid the world to his feet with brilliant interpretations of the masterpieces of guitar music, featuring all music styles from Bach to Beatles. He has recorded some twenty CDs for Deutsche Grammophon, including Bach’s Works for Lute.

Göran Söllscher divides his time between recitals (an extremely mobile work since he is a highly sought after solo performer) and the tutorship of budding performing guitarists at the Malmö Academy of Music, where he holds the position of Professor of Guitar since 1993.

Mr. Söllscher is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

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Göran Söllscher
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