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PER-ANDERS TENGLAND – piano, jazz theory, music and society
Per-Anders Tengland (b. 1955), a jazz pianist, composer and music arranger, received a thorough music education, including two years’ studies at Berklee College of Music in the USA. For some twenty years he performed with a large number of jazz groups in Malmö, playing piano or keyboard, contributing to their repertoires with music of his own. He founded jazz groups Prime Time, Inside Out and Tu-Tu-Ba, making numerous concert tours.

Per-Anders Tengland has made 15 recordings for radio with these and other groups, and recorded two CD’s featuring Inside Out: Try This! and Extra Extra! In addition, he has composed and arranged music for ensembles of various kinds, from duos to big bands. His composition No No No!, a commissioned work, can be heard on Edition Suecia. One of his compositions, “När fick den vatten sist” (When was it last watered), lyrics by Jan Sigurd, was recently recorded with Monica Zetterlund.

Presently, Dr. Tengland holds a position at the Malmö Academy of Music, teaching jazz piano, jazz theory, improvisation theory, music and society on the Performance programme “musikerutbildningens jazzlinje”. An experienced teacher with 19 years of lecturing and tutoring, he has recently added philosophy to music.

Dr. Tengland gained his doctor’s degree in Philosophy of Medicine at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Health and Society Theme), Linköping University, in 1998, the thesis being titled “Mental Health: A Philosophical Analysis” (Linköping Studies in Arts and Science, 177, 1998).

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