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JENS ULVSAND is a composer and string player who treats guitar, bousoki and mandola. An Uppsalaboy who’s saught his way to Scania. Trained at Malmö Academy of Music in the beginning of the 1980s and stayed. He work frequently as a freelance jazz musician in the 1980s, with “Little big band”, among other things. He’s composed for the theatre since the late 1980s, for Malmö Town Theatre and Lund Cathedral, among others. Jens’ musical interest eventually shifted more and more towards ethno and folk music and during the course of the years he’s played and work a lot with West African music and has made a number of trips to Guinea, Senegal, Kap Verde and Gambia.
Jens has been a member of Avadå sin 1990 and is also a member of Dan Gisen Malmqvist’s solo project “Workestra”. He also works with Hanna Tibell, national fiddle of “hälsinge songs” in the song play duo “Hotell Tibell”.

Jens also works with Bim Wikström, with a children’s performance, for children between the ages of 5 and 8, “Trulle Trallar”, based on the album with the same name.
Jens also works as an ensemble pedagogue at Skurup folkhögskola, a school which, during the past 15 years, has trained large numbers of southern Sweden’s most noteable jazz musicians. Here Jens works with the resolution to bring in ethno and folk music into the student’s msucial awareness.

JENS ULVSAND also works as an instructor in ensemble play at Malmö Academy of Music for future folk music teachers.


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Jens Ulvsand
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