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Hege Waldeland-Lörstad

HEGE WALDELAND LÖRSTAD – violoncello, chamber music
Born in Oslo in 1944, Hege Waldeland-Lörstad spent her early years in Sweden studying cello with Georg Rastenberger. Later she became a student of Erling Bløndal-Bengtsson in Copenhagen and of Paul Tortelier at the Paris Conservatoire, winning its prestigious Premier Prix in 1968. She also spent periods of study with Gregor Piatigorskij and Pierre Fournier. After her first appearing in Scandinavia the press was lyrical, envisaging a future brilliant solo career for her. She has performed with most major Nordic orchestras, and she is frequently demanded for concerts all over Europe.

Ms. Waldeland-Lörstad served as solo cellist in Sjælland Symphony Orchestra for 15 years, after which she resigned in order to better share her time between free-lance work and cello tuition the Malmö Academy of Music.
Ms. Waldeland-Lörstad is a member of piano trio Trio con Brio and Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen for modern music, the latter most honouringly being appointed Danish National Ensemble 2000–2002 by the Danish Culture Department.

Hege Waldeland-Lörstad’s has extensive experience and a deep knowledge of her instrument and its repertoire. She deeply engages in the personal and musical development of her students, qualities that make her a much cherished teacher and tutor of tomorrow’s cellist generation at the Malmö Academy of Music.
With violinist Jennifer Nuttall-Wolf and pianist Michal Wesolowski, Ms. Waldeland-Lörstad has recorded music especially dedicated to the trio by composer Siegfried Naumann, their work being part of the artistic development work at the Academy.

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