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Ann-Krestin Vernersson

Ann-Krestin Vernersson (b. 1950) gained her Precentor programme certificate at the Sköndal Institute, Stora Sköndal, in 1972, and, in 1975, her graduate certificate of music education – eurythmics and piano – at the Malmö Academy of Music.
Further studies include piano, organ and vocal studies at Kapellsberg Music School in Härnösand; Afro-Cuban percussion and dance, music therapy and ergonomics, drama and performance, movement, choreography and body awareness on stage, croquis and painting.

Since 1976, Ms. Vernersson teaches eurythmics at the Malmö Academy of Music and holds the post of Head of IE-Eurythmics since 1987. See , "utbildning", "lärarutbildning i musik", "grundutbildningar", "1. instrumental- och ensembleundervisning (IE)", "rytmik", for further details.

Ms. Vernersson has taught eurythmics at the upper secondary school music programme in Malmö and at Fridhem folk high school at Svalöv. She has played church organ, served as a big band percussionist, sung in choirs, performed in dramas on stage and participated in various music and dance performances.

Ms. Vernersson has published the following textbooks for educational use:
“Rytmik – en musikpedagogisk metod för vuxna” (”Rythmics: A method of music instruction to adults”). C-uppsats (dissertation), Department of Musicology at Göteborg University, 1988. Suggestions and hints for teaching eurythmics to adults.
“Gehörsundervisning på golvet” (”Teaching Ear Training – Grass-Root Mode”), 1996. Contains ear training lesson material, with comments from students and teachers, together with suggestions and ideas for class room use.
“Vad är Rytmik?” (“What is Eurythmics?”). Work still in progress, focussing on different ways of understanding the concept of eurythmics.

In 1987, Ann-Krestin Vernersson made acquaintance with dancer and choreographer Birgit Åkesson, engaging her as visiting lecturer at the Malmö Academy of Music, and co-operating with her for a number of lectures at the Göteborg Academy of Music, Malmö Konsthall (Contemporary Art Gallery), the Architect programme at Lund Institute of Technology, and at Kulturhuset (Theatre & Arts Centre) in Stockholm.
Thanks to Ms. Vernerssons co-operation with Birgit Åkesson, the Malmö Academy of Music received a Birgit Åkesson donation in 2001, consisting of books and periodicals on dancing, photos from The Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm, and hand-written choreography material.

Since 2002 Ann-Krestin Vernersson is also working as a producer of the Monday Night Big Band, Malmö. The band was formed in 1988 by the jazz musician Jörgen Nilsson.

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