Johan Jakobsson, Doctoral Student

Born and raised in Bjärred in Sweden. I spent my undergraduate studies at Lund University, Uppsala University and the VU University in Amsterdam. The focuses of my studies were ecology, genetics and neurobiology, resulting in a B.Sc. from Lund University and a M.Sc. from Uppsala University.

The goal of my PhD project is to study how the three most important spruce seed pests: Spruce Seed Moth Cydia strobilella, Spruce Coneworm Dioryctria abietella and Cloaked Pug Eupithecia abietaria find their host, the in Sweden economically important Norway Spruce Picea abies.

The profile of volatiles emitted by plants varies between different plants and the different parts of the plants. Since moths are known to have a highly sensitive olfactory system, it is likely that C. strobilella, D. abietella and E. abietaria use these differences in volatile profiles to aid in the search of their host plants.

In my project I will try to uncover if these three moths are using plant volatiles emitted by P. abies to find their host and which individual volatiles of the profile, are important for the behaviour of each of the three moth species.

Picture: Collecting odour from Norway Spruce flowers. Photo: Evrim Sönmez.


Main supervisor: Olle Anderbrant

Assistant supervisors: Glenn Svensson Christer Löfstedt


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Johan Jakobsson
Doctoral Student
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