Jean-Marc Lassance, Post-doc

Jean-Marc obtained his Bioengineer degree (eq. Master in Bioengineering) from the Agricultural University of Gembloux in Belgium (aka Gembloux AgroBioTech) in 2004. He completed is PhD in Ecology at Lund University in October 2010. He was part of the first cohort of students enrolled in GENECO, the graduate research school in genomic ecology.

His research interests are centred on the understanding of the role pheromones can play during the evolutionary process of speciation. Of particular interest is the question of which changes in either reception or production of signals emitted by conspecifics have the potential to lead to divergence and, ultimately, to the evolution of new species.

In his dissertation research, he studied the molecular bases of pheromone production and reception in the moth Ostrinia nubilalis, a model to study speciation by means of pheromone divergence. He reported on the characterization of the genetic changes underlying divergence in pheromone production and reception, as well as the unravelling of the role played by a male courtship pheromone in mate choice and pheromone evolution.

Since the completion of his PhD in the Fall 2010, he has been enrolled as postdoctoral project assistant within the Pheromone Group. He is involved in a number of projects, which are connected with the theme of his PhD thesis and research interests. Jean-Marc was awarded Solander Fellow of Lund University, and under this title he visited Dr. Richard Newcomb at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) during the Spring 2011.

Currently, 2012–2015, Jean-Marc is post-doc at Harvard University. Contact information at Harvard University.

Selected publications:

Lassance, J.-M., Bogdanowicz, S.B., Wanner, K.K., Löfstedt, C. and Harrison, R.G. 2011. Gene genealogies reveal differentiation at sex pheromone olfactory receptor loci in pheromone strains of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis. Evolution 65: 1583-1593.

Lassance J.-M., Groot A., Liénard M.A., Antony B., Borgwart C., Heckel D.G. and Löfstedt, C. 2010. Allelic variation in a fatty-acyl reductase gene causes divergence in moth sex pheromones. Nature 466: 486-489.

Lassance, J.-M. and Löfstedt, C. 2009. Concerted evolution of male and female display traits in the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis. BMC Biology 7: 10. Highly accessed, recommended on Faculty of 1000 Biology



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