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ÅSA HAGSTRÖM, Fatty acyl reductases and fatty acyldesaturases. Deciphering the biosynthesis of species-specific moth female sex pheromones from common fatty acids. May 24, 2013.

JEAN-MARC LASSANCE, Insights into the evolution of moth pheromone communication; lessons from the European corn borer. Oct 1, 2010.

MARJORIE LIÉNARD, Evolution of mate signalling in moths – biosynthetic gene families and diversification of female sex pheromones. Sept 30, 2010.

MARIA STRANDH, Pheromones, genes & transcriptomes. A molecular analysis of moth sex pheromone production. Nov 30, 2007.

SEVERINE JANSEN, Structure and function of odorant binding proteins and chemosensory proteins in moths. March 6, 2007.

LINA KRISTOFFERSEN, Getting to know Trioza apicalis (Homoptera: Psylloidea) – a specialist host-alternating insect with a tiny olfactory system. Dec 1, 2006. Download thesis as pdf (6,5MB)

GERMUND VON WOWERN (né Silvegren), Circadian rhythms in moth sex pheromone communication. Nov 24, 2006.

P-O CHRISTIAN OLSSON, Semiochemical-mediated attraction and oviposition in pyralid moths. November 11, 2005.

GLENN SVENSSON, Disruption of moth mating behaviour using olfactory and acoustic cues. October 25, 2002. Download thesis as pdf (24 MB!)

DAVID ABRAHAM, Molecular aspects of pheromone evolution in moths. May 7, 2002.

DAINIUS PLEPYS, Odour-mediated nectar foraging in the silver Y moth, Autographa gamma. November 30, 2001.

CAMILLA RYNE, Pyralid moth reproduction: Communication, Constraints & Control. November 2, 2001.

RICKARD IGNELL, Olfaction in desert locusts – Anatomy, function and plasticity of the central olfactory system. May 11, 2001.

MATTIAS LARSSON, Neural interfaces to the odour world of scarab beetles. March 2, 2001.

FREDRIK ÖSTRAND, Behaviour of pine sawflies in relation to pheromone-based pest management. January 19, 2001.

RUEY-JANE FAN, Learning and memory in moths. Plasticity in behaviour and neurophysiology. December 1, 2000.

PETER VALEUR, Male moth behaviour and perception in pheromone plumes. April 24, 1998.

MATS G E SVENSSON, Pheromone-mediated mating system in a moth species. October 31, 1996.

WEN-QI WU, Mechanisms of specificity in moth pheromone production and response. December 8, 1995.

PETER ANDERSON, Behavioural and physiological aspects of oviposition deterrence in moths. May 12, 1995.

JUN-WEI ZHU, Diversity and conservatism in moth sex pheromone systems. May 4, 1995.

BILL HANSSON, Reproductive isolation by sex pheromones in some moth species. An electrophysiological approach. October 14, 1988.

OLLE ANDERBRANT, Reproduction and competition in the spruce bark beetle Ips typographus. April 8, 1988.

FREDRIK SCHLYTER, Aggregation pheromone system in the spruce bark beetle Ips typographus. April 26, 1985.

CHRISTER LÖFSTEDT, Sex pheromone communication in the turnip moth Agrotis segetum. November 30,1984.

JAN LÖFQVIST, The alarm-defence system in formicine ants. May 21, 1976.


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PhD theses

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