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Arne Thell, docent, Curator Botanical Museum

I joined the very active and encouraging lichen group at the Department of Systematic Botany, lead by Ingvar Kärnefelt, who became supervisor of my PhD-studies in 1989. I studied anatomy of reproductive structures and soon realized that they could be used to improve lichen systematics.

When it became possible to study DNA-molecules to improve systematics I was able to confirm or adjust earlier results. This is what I am still doing in my research. The results are used to obtain a more natural classification of lichens.

My favourite lichen family is the Parmeliaceae, in which for example beard and shield lichens are included. I study their morphology, anatomy, and DNA, and describe species and genera or move them to more appropriate positions in the system together with colleagues.

In the future I would like to continue my work towards a more natural classification with both traditional new methods. The results are used in my daily work with the lichen and moss collections in the Botanical Museum.

I have no teaching work within my present positions but occasionally perform lectures or guided tours in the museum.

In my spare time I am active in orienteering and athletics and involved in the club work of Eslöv Orienteering Club (Eslövs friluftsklubb) and Central Skåne Sport Asssociation (Mellersta Skånes idrottskrets).

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Parmeliaceae - Nordic Lichen Flora
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