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Honor C. Prentice, docent, Professor

My current research centres on the mechanisms involved in the maintenance or loss of biodiversity on different scales – from genes and populations to species and landscapes. Much of my work focuses on semi-natural grassland ecosystems and the cultural landscape on the Baltic island of Öland (The Jordtorp project), and I am also involved in a project in Skåne that is evaluating relationships between prescribed management regimes (linked to subsidies) and species diversity in agricultural landscapes with differing land-use intensities. I have a long-standing interest in patterns of differentiation, evolution and systematics within the genus Silene.

Ongoing projects:

Landscape, species and genes: diversity and history in fragmented grasslands ("The Jordtorp project")

More biodiversity at less cost

Evolution and differentiation in Silene 

Fine-scale niche differentiation and community genomics in Festuca ovina 

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