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Population dynamics and adaptation in plants

This project group deals with spatial and temporal patterns of plant populations and factors that shape evolutionary change and distributions of plant species. Particularly, we examine how mating systems and population structure influence gene flow and genetic diversity in plants, and how plant populations respond to habitat fragmentation, invasive species and environmental factors such as climate change. Our research has a strong focus on conservation-related issues and involves a broad variety of methods from demographic models to common-garden experiments and molecular analyses.


Dwarf males in bryophytes - Frida Rosengren, Nils Cronberg, Bengt Hansson, Åsa Lankinen, Honor C. Prentice

Natural selection and adaptive potential in plant populations - Stefan Andersson, Anneli Jonstrup, Mikael Hedrén, Honor C. Prentice, Björn Widén, Josefin Madjidian, Åsa Lankinen, Tove Jorgensen

Fine-scale niche differentiation and community genomics in Festuca ovina - Yuan Li, Honor C. Prentice, Anders Tunlid, Tomas Johansson, Lena Ghatnekar, Mikael Lönn


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