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Sensory Biology (BIOR20), 15 ECTS credits, is an advanced undergraduate course covering all animal senses from molecular biology to ecology.

Neurobiology (BIOR58), 15 ECTS, is an advanced undergraduate course covering the foundations of neurobiology.  

Subject to enrolment at Lund University, both courses are open for international students. 

Sensory Ecology is a 2 week intensive course at graduate level, with expert teachers brought in from across the world. The course is open for and aimed at international students.

Other courses (in Swedish):

Basic courses:
Cell biology 15 credits (MOBA01)  
Zoology 12 credits (BIOB02)

Animal Physiology, 7.5 credits (BIOB09) 
Human physiology 15 credits (BIOC01) 

Project work 15, 30, 45 or 60 credits (BIO 7XX)

Students interested in doing short or long term projects, Bachelor, Masters or diploma work in the Vision Group, please contact any of the senior scientists.



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